Central Park Engagement



You can never go wrong with taking your engagement photos at Central Park and this post will show you just why! Grace and Steve were supposed to do their session at the beach but there was a chance of rain so we decided to keep it local instead. We ended up getting really lucky because there wasn’t a drop of rain that day! Grace and Steve are such a sweet and down to earth couple and I love that they started planning their wedding together before Steve even dropped the question.

How They Met
Grace and Steve met six years ago at church when he was visiting hers. She mentioned that at first she didn’t like him as much because she thought he was a jerk, haha! After being in the worship team together for two years, Steve took her by surprise and ended up apologizing for being a jerk all those years. That was probably one of the best things Steve had done because since then, they started talking more frequently eventually officially started dating.

How He Proposed
These two have a unique (and funny) proposal story.. As Grace and Steve were diving deep into their wedding planning, Grace was starting to feel more and more impatient that Steve had not proposed yet. They were at a staycation together and she couldn’t hide the fact that she was upset because of this. What ended up being a heated conversation eventually led to Steve admitting that he brought the ring to propose! Grace admitted she was really surprised and felt bad for not being a little bit more patient.. Even though the proposal didn’t exactly start off romantically, I’m sure the two still laugh about it now!

Thank you Grace and Steve for being so amazing in front of the camera. I absolutely cannot wait to capture the moment you guys tie the knot at the Powelton Club!