Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Micro Wedding



This year, many couples had to pivot their wedding day plans and scale down to a micro wedding. It’s safe to say that weddings will be different for quite some time but that doesn’t mean love is canceled! It might seem like a let down at first but I promise that there are so many big benefits to a small wedding. Even with COVID-19 in our midst, you can still hire your favorite vendors, send beautiful invitations, and have a beautifully decorated space. The most important thing is that you are still making it official and don’t have to sacrifice the chance to celebrate!

What is a Micro Wedding?
A microwedding is a wedding ceremony and reception with a guest list of 50 guests or fewer — most likely immediate family and close friends. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.

If you’re wondering if a micro wedding is right for you, read my top reasons why you should opt for one below.

Save Money
Micro weddings can save you lots of money, which you can spend on other things that you could not have been able to replicate at a larger scale. Couples spend a large portion of their budget towards their guests. If you have fewer guests adding to your final costs, then you can put some of that money to treat yourself and your guests with a high quality event. Maybe it’s a nicer wedding gown, upgraded catering, or your dream photographer 😉 Everybody has different values so discuss with your partner about your joint top three priorities. Depending on what they are, they might result in a lower bill at the end of the night, without compromising what matters to you.

Ample Time for Wedding Portraits
On a typical wedding day, you really have to stay on schedule to make sure you have enough time for all the photos that need to be taken throughout the day; family formals, bridal party, bride and groom portraits! The list can go on and on. With a micro wedding, you won’t have to worry about only having 5 minutes for bride and groom portraits because you are falling behind the timeline. The day will be a lot more manageable so you can get those amazing photos and have a good time without the pressure of time.

Create A Personal Experience for Your Guests
Most couples prioritize making sure their guests are well taken care of and having a good time. The smaller the wedding, the more time you have to connect with each guest. Maybe now you can get those special personal touches like having place cards from a calligrapher instead of having them printed. It’s much easier to add those really special touches for 12 people than it is for 200!

Enjoyment Without the Exhaustion
Keeping your wedding day smaller and more manageable eliminates a lot of stress. The less stress you have, the more present you can be and the more you can enjoy your wedding at a more relaxed pace. & who doesn’t want to celebrate with just their close loved ones around? It makes the day so much more special and intimate.

If you just can’t wait any longer to get married, consider this best alternative to postponing your wedding for another year. A wedding is a celebration of your love, and everyone deserves their moment to be celebrated! By hosting a micro wedding, you will have an intimate celebration with the opportunity to customize details, splurge on a special element, and elevate the guest experience. There is a lot of uncertainty when things will return to “normal.” If you don’t want to wait and you’re just ready to be married, a micro wedding might be the perfect compromise!

I hope this has been helpful! If you’re planning a micro wedding and are interested in having me photograph it, send me a message here.

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